Bike Fitting

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Who benefits from a bike fit?

Anyone who rides a bike. Cycling, although a low impact sport, is repetitive with your legs turning the pedals many times every minute. This means that you may be at risk of injury if the bike is not set up for you.

What is a bike fit?

It is the process of optimising the comfort, performance and efficiency, while minimising your risk of injury, by adjusting the bike around you. This means assessing you, your type of riding, your range of motion (flexibility), strength and history of injury.

What is the process?

Our bike fitter Gill Arnett is an experienced physiotherapist and will send you a pre fit questionnaire. In the appointment you will have a physical assessment of your ranges of movement and strength.

The contact points between you, the rider, and the bike will be assessed from the cleats and pedals, through the saddle and finally the handlebars. The set up of each may be adjusted, e.g the height of the seat. Many measurements will be taken while you pedal your bike on  on a turbo trainer providing the fitter with information guiding any alterations.

Bikes are symmetrical, people are not so the bike fitter is always looking for the best fit between you, the rider, and your machine.

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