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I’m looking out of the window here at Chevin Cycles, Harrogate, and the sun is actually shining, the roads are dry and it’s relatively windless – perfect conditions for cycling. It’ll soon be time to remove the mudguards and get the bike ready for spring rides. Not everyone has a separate winter bike. It’s definitely a luxury and we understand that, which is why we want to help you to get your road bike ready for spring.

Dealing with Road Debris

There’s all manner of debris on the roads over autumn and winter. It’s especially so when riding in the nearby Yorkshire Dales, with mud and field debris, and lose grit on the edges of the roads. Add t9 this the salt that local authorities spread to keep the ice at bay, and you’ve got a bad mix of dirt for your precious bike. Hopefully, if you’ve been cleaning the bike with our range of Muc Off products over winter, you’ll have kept most things at bay. However, it’s always worth doing that little extra, and checking over a few areas of the bike, in readiness for spring riding.

Headset & Bottom Bracket

The forces that go through your bottom bracket and crank area are huge at times, and it’s the hardest working part of the bike. It needs to be checked regularly, especially after a long and wet winter. It may simply be that it needs a new application of grease, or it may need replacing. Likewise, the headset may be slightly loose or need a service and new grease, or need replacing too. These are relatively simple tasks, and we have a range of bottom brackets and headsets for all bikes. Contact our workshop staff and we’ll be happy t9 advice and supply the right product. Alternatively, book your bike in to one of our three workshops and we’ll carry out a post-winter service for you.

Hidden Places - Simple Care

There’s a few more areas of the bike that always need attention after winter. Under the saddle is a key spot for rainwater, and those saddle rails need a regular wipe and dry down, then rub a spot of soil along the rails. Remove the seat-post, marking the position first, then clean it off, wipe some lube onto the hidden section and replace. Check the bolts all over the bike and replace any that are showing signs of rust. Regular cleaning of these bolts and wiping your finger over them with a touch of oil, is a great way to keep the bike looking great.

Changing Gear Cables

Gear cables can also be damaged with road debris and rain over winter, so it’s a good idea to change these too; even internally routed cables need regular maintenance, and those jockey wheels on the rear derailleur are an oft overlooked piece of equipment that needs attention. How well are they spinning, and are they worn down? Take a look, clean then off, and if necessary, buy new jockey wheels through one of our stores. It’s a simple fix that will really pay dividends. Likewise, if you’ve had the chain and rear cassette for over 6 months, and you ride lots of miles, it’s wise to start thinking about replacing them both. If you replace the chain, you should always consider changing the cassette at the same time.

Time for Tyre Changes

Your winter tyres are superb at holding the road, but they’ll slow you down in spring. Visit one of our stores, and take a look at the wide range of tyres for drier conditions. It’s not a ‘one type suits all’ issue, as the rubber compound and tread pattern is designed for specific weather and road conditions. You’ll also ride better and faster with spring and summer tyres, as the difference in rolling resistance is significant.

Let’s Spring Into Action

Yes, as I look outside, I’m excited that spring is on the way once more, and before long, I’ll be riding off into the hills on long all-day trips once more. We’ll be filming some short ‘easy cycle maintenance’ videos for our website this year, to help you with many of the regular tasks that your bike needs you to complete. Yes, it’s time to get the bike ready, and to give it some much need bike-love. We’d love to see you out and about in 2023; so pop along to one of our award-winning stores, and let’s spring into action together – with Chevin Cycles.

Need A Bike?

Here at Chevin cycles, we are pleased be say that we offer a range of hire bikes. So if spring is calling and you need a bike, we would be happy to help.



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