Crash Sensor for Cyclists

Adding an extra layer of reassurance for cyclists

Coming from a mountaineering background, any device that assists in getting help to you in the remote hills at times of need, is a superb idea and high on my ‘must have’ list of cycling products. The Tocsen crash sensor does just that, and easily affixes to any helmet, for any outdoor adventure sport, including road cycling and mountain biking, giving you and your family the security that, if you fall from the bike, they’ll be notified immediately. So, how does this innovative device work – let’s take a look at Tocsen.
The device, designed and engineered in Germany, comes in a small package, which also contains a sticky strip for fastening the Tocsen to your chosen helmet. We’ve used it one of our own Chevin Cycles stocked ‘Smith Optics’ MIPS helmets, to give ourselves the best possible head protection on the trails. Once fitted, you simply download the Tocsen app, spend 5 minutes filling in your details, including the names and contact numbers for emergency contacts, and then you’re good to go.

Active assistance for cyclists when needed

Should you come to grief on the bike, immediately after a fall, the Tocsen sensor, mounted on the helmet, automatically alerts the emergency contacts that you’ve entered in the app, by SMS (free of charge), as well as the rescue community local to that area. It sends your accurate location by a map, meaning that help can find you as soon as possible. Knowing personally how remote the roads and trails of the Yorkshire Dales National Park can be at times, and with personal experience of many cycling accidents that have occurred in my previous time as a Police Critical Incident Commander, the Tocsen is the very thing that could make that important difference in getting aid to an injured cyclist in that important golden hour after the accident.
Albeit a recent innovation, data has already shown that Tocsen sends over 100+ emergency calls every month, globally, with over 9000 Tocsen users already. The app also integrates with both Garmin and Apple watches, making it super easy to manage on the go.
Once the Tocsen sensor believes that a fall has occurred, the sensor emits a beeping sound, meaning that if it’s not necessary to contact one of your emergency contacts, then you can simply cancel the message via the app. And, if you’re wearing a Garmin watch, then the watch will vibrate when the Tocsen sensor is activated too.

Out on the trails

One thing that we wanted to know on stocking the Tocsen, was how reliable it is when you’re riding a mountain biking and bouncing around on the trails. Our team here at Chevin Cycles have used it extensively already, riding many technical trails, with jumps and drops and bouncy rock gardens, and we’ve never experienced a false sensor activation. We’ve even taken the helmet off and given it a good Yorkshire shake to test how quickly it sends the SMS – and we’re super impressed on all counts. One thing to note, is that the Tocsen does actually have a test option on the app – so Yorkshire shake tests are not necessary, whilst being quite entertaining for our team!
One great aspect of the Tocsen is the ability via the app, to switch the sensor off or to standby if you’re riding in a group. And, the app also indicates to you, any other nearby Tocsen users if you are out and about and seemingly alone in a remote riding area.


We’re really impressed with the a Tocsen here at Chevin Cycles, and everything about it. It’s small and lightweight, easy to set up and easy to charge up, giving you up to 3 months usage on every 2-hour charge, making it super-efficient. With so many people now using Tocsen, the brand is building a huge global first responder adventure sport community. Here at Chevin Cycles, we stock some the world’s best road cycling bikes and mountain bikes for our very active Yorkshire communities. Having the Tocsen crash sensor as an addition but very vital accessory, means that we’re able to give our customers something extra and very valuable indeed – added reassurance for them and their families when out riding.