Granite Tools

the ideal tool system for trail hungry cyclists

Here at Chevin Cycles, we love great ideas that make life out and about on the bike easier. Granite Design do just that, especially with their unique stash range of products, that hide away in the steering tube of your bike. If you’re looking for a well-designed, well made and innovative products, look no further! 

Granite Stash System

Within every bike frame there are empty spaces that are obviously necessary in the construction and design of the world’s best bikes. Granite technicians have looked at this and come up with some useful cycling tools for on the trail maintenance, and re-worked their design to fit into the steerer tube of the bike, simply by se moving the top cap and replacing it with the Granite Stash System tool. 

Granite Stash RT Ratchet Tool Kit

The Stash RT Ratchet Tool Kit is a lightweight storage system for essential tools, that fits neatly into in the steerer tube, hidden away and yet easily accessible when required. The slimmer tool housing fits the wide variety of different forks, even those with an inner tapered steerer tube: e.g., Fox 38, Rockshox Zeb and Lyrik. The system simply slips down into the steerer and lock into place, and is well protected until required.  

The tool kit includes a ratchet wrench and 9 tool bits (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, T25, PH1). The extended Ph1 bit can also be used as a leverage arm, helping you to do the job. The storage system has a spring-loaded tool holder for easy access too.  

Granite have also thought about the technology that we fasten to our bikes these days, and the top cap has a cycling computer mount function available (Sold separately), meaning that your Garmin will fit neatly on top of things.  

Granite Stash RCX Multi-Tool Kit

A super lightweight storage for essential tools, hidden away in your steerer tube, the Granite Stash RCX Multi-Tool kit is another great gift idea this Christmas. Installation is quick and easy, with no tapping of your steerer required. The whole unit simply slips into place and you’re ready to roll in no time, with your multi-tool neatly hidden. 

Best of all, the Stash RCX fits forks with or without the open end at the bottom of steerer tube. The inner diameter of the fork steerer simply needs be round shape and measured between 23.5mm to 27mm, then you’re good to go with this innovative tool solution for cyclists. The kit comes with a selection of Alan Keys and other regularly used bike tools, all precision engineers to last you a long time and to keep you riding.  

-May not work with Rockshox Forks and Fox E-MTB Forks steerer due to the steerer internal tapered construction. Please contact fork manufacturer to check compatibility before purchase. Pop into the Chevin stores or simply give us a call and our team will be happy to help you.  

Granite STASH Multi-Tool Steerer Tube Hidden

Like the other great tool systems in the Stash range, the Granite Stash Multi-Tool provides light weight storage for essential tools, hidden away in your steerer tube, and gives the cyclist an 8-piece multi-tool and spoke key inside your steerer, weighing just 145g.  
Installation is quick and easy with no tapping of your steerer required. 

  • 8-piece multi-tool: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, T25, Flathead 
  • Spoke key: 0, 1, 2, 3 with valve core removing function 
  • System weight (incl. multi-tool): 135g 
  • Multi-Tool weight: 57g 
  • Colour: Black and Orange 

It’s a small and essential tool solution for all cyclists and a great Christmas stocking filler for this festive season.  

As with the RCX Multi-Tool, you may need to check your MTB steerer fork is compatible.  

Other Great Tool Solutions from Granite Designs

As well as the innovative Stash System tools, Granite also produce a range of other tool solutions for road and trail riders. Once again, they all make great Christmas gift ideas too, being small, reasonably priced and well-engineered, meaning that they’ll remain useful for years to come.  

Granite TALON Tyre Lever with Stainless Chain Removing Tips

The Talon is a brand-new tyre lever and quick-link tool that will speed up those tricky trail side jobs. It’s also super light at just 40g, and small enough to strap to your frame or stash in a pocket, and tough enough to go the distance. The tool works with 9 to 12-speed quick-links and chains, so that you can be sure that it’ll help you out on all of your bikes, whatever the ride.  

The Talon comes in two pieces that easily clip together to form a neat tool for breaking and fixing the quick-links on chains. It pairs super-strong fibre-reinforced nylon levers and precision engineered stainless-steel tips, to ensure that it’s tough enough for the task and will last a long time.  

There’s also room to store a spare quick-link, so that you’re never left in a jam.  

Unclip the Talon and you’ve got two sturdy tyre levers to help fix those annoying punctures on the trails. It’s tough enough for all but the stiffest of tyres but, thanks to the nylon material, won’t ruin those expensive carbon rims. Now for some basic details:  

  • Dimension: 8(H) x 19(W) x 130(L)mm / 2pc 
  • Weight: 40g / 2pcs  

Pop the Talon Tyre Lever and Chain Removing Tool on your Christmas list this year, and ride with confidence that you’ve got things covered when required.  

Granite JUICY NIPPLE Valve cap & Removal Tool Inc. Valve Stem

With tubeless tyres being so popular these days, it’s vital to have the right tools to help you to keep on rolling. Thankfully, Granite have thought about this and their Juicy Nipple kit is perfect for taking with you on tarmac or trail. Best of all, it’s small and reasonably priced, making it yet another ideal Christmas gift from this innovative brand.  

Granite Juicy Nipple is a valve cap with that vital extra function, and one that’s just right for riding! You can use it to remove/install your valve core in order to top up tyre sealant, anytime anywhere – like here in the wild and wonderful Yorkshire Dales.  

The Juicy Nipple kit also comes 7 different colours too, adding style and functionality. You can choose a pair of caps only or with two black alloy valve stems in 45mm length: 

  • Colour: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Gold 
  • Weight: 2.5g (caps in pair) / 10g (caps with 45mm valves in pair) 

Give some cycling security to the rider in your family at Christmas time, and add this useful tool to their Christmas stocking.  

We’ve got lots more great tool ideas from Granite Designs this Christmas. Click the link below and take a look, and give the gift of innovation and confidence to your cycling partner for 2023.