All NEW Slash goes high-pivot for hard ripping

The Slash sets a new benchmark for long-travel performance with more travel (170 mm/170 mm), more aggressive geometry and more ways to personalise your ride than ever before. Its new high-pivot suspension layout has a rearward axle path that gives Slash insanely smooth suspension for maintaining more forward momentum and more grip for devouring brutal trails. While many bikes with high-pivot suspension compromise pedalling efficiency, Slash’s geometry and axle path allow for climb-gripping traction for hammering back to the top without destroying your legs.

The Slash’s high main pivot allows the rear axle to move slightly rearwards as the suspension compresses. That means the back wheel can move with the force from impacts rather than against them, so it’s easier to barrel over obstacles than on a bike with a more traditional vertical axle path.

What’s with the extra pulleys? As the rear axle moves backwards, it tugs on the chain, which pulls back on the crank. That pedal kickback makes for a harsh ride on the legs. Routing the chain around idler pulleys gives it room to grow without extra tension, so you don’t get that harsh pedal kickback.

The Models

Slash 8 Gen 6

Slash 9 GX AXS T-Type Gen 6

Slash 9.8 XT Gen 6

Slash 9.8 GX AXS T-Type Gen 6

Slash 9.9 X0 AXS T-Type Gen 6

Slash 9.9 XTR Gen 6

Slash 9.9 XX AXS T-Type Gen 6

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