Introducing Trek Marlin+

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The Marlin+ is an affordable e-mountain bike that combines the best features of Trek and Bosch to enhance off-road rides. With the reliable Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor and Trek’s renowned bike design, this e-MTB offers seamless pedal-assist for enjoyable extended rides on trails and in urban environments. The Marlin+ doesn’t skimp on performance and reliability, instead blending them together to deliver a premium e-MTB experience at a price that’s accessible to a wider range of riders. Help your customers experience the perfect balance of performance, simplicity and fun with Marlin+ – the ideal choice for those seeking the ease and enjoyment of electric assist in a simple and easy-to-ride package.

The Models

Marlin+ 6

The Marlin+ 6 is an electric mountain bike that’s ready to power up your trail rides without breaking the bank. It’s equipped with the same fun and confident geometry as the non-electric Marlin, with the added boost of Bosch’s Active Line Plus drive system. A 120 mm suspension fork soaks up rocks, roots and pot holes on your ride, while the 9-speed Shimano CUES is durable and reliable for wherever you roll.

Marlin+ 8

The Marlin+ 8 is an electric mountain bike that’s ready to up your game on the trail. Its Bosch Active Line Plus motor gives you just the boost you need for getting up steep climbs and riding further, and doesn’t break the bank, and a 120 mm suspension fork keeps handling smooth through the rough stuff. Upgraded components, like wide tubeless-ready wheels and tyres and a 12-speed Shimano drivetrain make this a trail-savvy ride that’s ready to go anywhere.

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