Trek Fuel Ex-E ⚡

Game Changing At Every Level

Trek Fuel EX-e Staff Demo Review 

Ride Location: Otley Chevin

Unleash Your Adventure with the Trek Fuel EX-e.

Our team were lucky enough to get an opportunity to try out the latest Electric Mountain Bike from Trek the Fuel EX-e, and after putting it through its paces around our local stomping ground – its fair to say we were all blown away… 

First and foremost, the electric-assist system on the Fuel EX-e is nothing short of remarkable. It seamlessly integrates with your pedaling, providing an extra boost of power when you need it most. Climbing steep inclines and conquering challenging trails became an absolute joy with the Fuel EX-e. The responsive motor provided smooth and consistent assistance, allowing us to effortlessly tackle even the most demanding terrains.

What truly impressed us was the intelligent design of the bike. Trek has done an outstanding job of preserving the agile and playful nature of their renowned Fuel EX platform while integrating the electric components seamlessly. The frame is robust and well-balanced, instilling confidence and stability, even at high speeds. Trek’s attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the sleek integration of the battery to the cable management that keeps everything tidy and protected. 

The Fuel EX-e boasts a well-thought-out component spec that is geared towards high-performance trail riding. The suspension system, featuring Trek’s proven ThruShaft shocks, provided superb traction and control over rough terrain, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. The powerful brakes inspired confidence, allowing for precise modulation and reliable stopping power. We appreciated the wide range of gears, which allowed us to tackle various terrains with ease.

In terms of aesthetics, the Trek Fuel EX-e is a head-turner. The sleek lines and clean design make it a visually appealing bike that stands out on the trails. The attention to detail, such as internal cable routing and thoughtful paint finishes, adds to its overall allure.

 Lastly, we must commend Trek for their commitment to sustainability. The Fuel EX-e utilizes a removable battery system, making it easy to recycle and race, ensuring a greener approach to e-bike technology. 


Although this bike is an e-bike, it had the ride feel of a normal pedal powered Mountain Bike. 

After riding a Bosch equipped e-MTB in the past, this had much more of a natural free flowing feel.

It had the perfect amount of assistance for some of the really steep rocky climbs and just rolled down the descents with ease. 

The great thing about the Fuel EX-e, it doesn’t even look like an e-bike.

The main conclusion from my experience is simple, I want one!!


The Fuel EX-e promises its rider just the right amount of power to be able to fly up the climbs before dominating the trails on descents. Trek has prided itself on the motor being the quietest e-bike on the market, with the most natural ride feel. 

After riding one for the first time, I can safely say they have delivered on all their promises. During the couple of hours we had on the EX-e’s I found that we only just began scratching the surface of what they could do. Having riden in the Chevin a few months back on an e-bike with Bosch Performance Line CX Motor, which felt the same as how I imagine driving a tank would be, the Fuel EX-e is far nimbler.

There were times where it was easy to forget you were riding an e-bike on the more techy descents. The Fuel EX-e proved that weight really does matter, instead of just holding on and letting the bike plough over everything, you could freely manouvere the bike and throw it into those sharp corners. For anyone who wants an e-bike and still be able to hone their skills as a rider, I would without a doubt recommend the Trek Fuel EX-e.


No bike ride is ever complete without a puncture…. 

 In conclusion, our experience with the Trek Fuel EX-e during the staff test day left us thoroughly impressed. Whether you’re a seasoned rider looking to conquer new challenges or someone who wants to explore trails with greater ease, the Trek Fuel EX-e is a game-changer.

 With its powerful electric-assist system, intelligent design, and exceptional performance, this e-bike will undoubtedly enhance your off-road adventures. Give it a try, and prepare to unleash your inner trail conqueror!