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Time to ride is a brand new part of Chevin Cycles, starting with our monthly newsletter.

This newsletter should keep you up to date on all the juicy content coming in and out of Chevin Cycles. With a mix of store news, upcoming events, feature bikes, and all the good stuff in between, Time to Ride is the place to be, so don’t be scared, have a look around and let us know what you think!

In this month’s newsletter, we will be taking a look back on February and what it had in store for us!

Feature Bike

// 2022 Cannondale Jekyll

Descend into Greatness

It’s one hell of a climber but come on, the Jekyll was born for the downs. Every part of it is crafted for the sweet embrace of speed, every element designed to help you wring a bit more of velocity’s nectar from those steep, chunky, high pucker lines you love.


In-Store and Online

Make Finding a Bike Easier!

As always our aim is to make your experience with us as amazing as possible, that’s why we are finding even more ways to find the right bike. So grab a coffee and  head over to our new feature brand pages and start your journey today.


The Future is Bright

Pardon the pun but we are really excited about this one!  Our Otley store has begun it’s makeover. With new lighting, flooring and shutters the showroom is about to get a whole new look so watch this space as big things are coming this Spring.

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