Feature Bike - Cannondale System Six

Not only the fastest in the wind tunnel or just the fastest for a select few riders in a select few scenarios, but the fastest for anyone interested in going faster, just about everywhere you’d want to go faster.

Faster uphill
It’s faster than lightweight climbing bikes on any climb up to a 6% gradient or more, depending on the rider’s power to weight. To put that in perspective, the most revered HC climbs in the Tour only average 7-8%.

Faster Everywhere
Of all the forces you must overcome to make speed, aerodynamic drag has more of an effect in most situations than all the other resistive forces combined. Cutting drag translates into more speed, with less effort, in all the places you’d expect. And a lot of places you wouldn’t.

Faster downhill
Dropping down a 5% grade, a rider on a traditional lightweight bike would need to put out over 300 watts just to keep up with a rider spinning at a recovery effort on a System Six.

Faster in the sprints
In a 200m sprint with riders putting out a 1000-watt effort, the System Six rider would be four bike lengths ahead at the line.

Faster on the flats
At 48km/h (30mph), System Six saves you over 50 watts – huge savings considering an average Cat 1 racer’s Functional Threshold Power is around 350 watts. And even when drafting, you’re still getting up to 60% of that benefit.

Everyday Faster
Even at a mellow group ride pace, System Six requires about 10% less power to maintain speed, leaving you with more in the tank when it’s time to throw down.

The secret of the System Six’s spectacular speed lies in, not surprisingly, a system.

A holistically designed six-point system — Frame, Fork, Seat post, Bar, Stem, Wheels. — engineered to work together to defeat the giant of aerodynamic drag.

Frame & fork
To minimize drag, the frame and fork feature highly truncated airfoil shapes, engineered to maintain flow attachment across important yaw angles. Distinct asymmetry throughout provides instant response to pedalling and braking loads.

64 KNØT Wheels

Conceived as the first component of the System Six project, the Hollow Gram 64 KNØT is one of the absolute fastest wheelsets on the planet. Its unique design combines the speed benefits of an ultra-low drag profile with the real-world rideability benefits of larger volume tires.

Incorporating some ideas pioneered by Cannondale’s friends at HED, the disc-specific design is significantly wider than other road wheels. That extra width makes tires effectively bigger than their marked size for better ride quality (a 23c tire measures a full 26mm on the wheel) and helps air flowing over the tire reattach cleanly to the rim, maximizing flow attachment and minimizing drag. The rim shape is optimized for 26mm (23c) tires, but the 64 KNØT design exhibits minimal changes in drag with even larger tires, giving riders the option to go bigger for comfort, grip, and reduced rolling resistance without paying an aero penalty. It’s pure speed, without compromise.


Hollow Gram KNØT System Bar and Stem
This slick bit of speed wizardry provides the low drag and sleek look of a one-piece combo with the convenience and customizable adjustability of a two-piece system. The carbon bar features a full 8° of pitch adjust and comes in multiple widths for dialling in your position. The rounded airfoil shape maintains consistent airflow throughout the pitch range for low drag in any position and is much comfier on your hands than bars with sharp trailing edges.
The stem is interchangeable and comes in a variety of lengths and rises. It routes the brake and Di2 lines cleanly into the headtube via a channel under a mechanic-friendly cover and features matching gated spacers so you can adjust the stack height without disconnecting cables. Fast meets easy.

KNØT Seat post
An often overlooked, but vital part of the system. The truncated airfoil shape of the Hollow Gram KNØT seat post is designed specifically to reduce drag in the high-speed airflow that is accelerated between the rider’s legs.

Why You'll Love SystemSix!


FrameHi-MOD Carbon, integrated cable routing w/ Switchplate, SAVE, PF30a, flat mount disc, 12×142 Speed Release thru-axle
ForkBallisTec Hi-MOD Carbon, 1-1/8″ – 1-1/4″ steerer, 12x100mm Speed Release thru-axle, flat mount disc, 55mm offset (47-51cm) 45mm offset (54-62cm)
Bottom Bracket Shimano Bottom Bracket 
StemHollowGram KNØT, Alloy w/ cable cover, -17°
HandlebarHollowGram KNØT SystemBar, Carbon, 8 deg. pitch adjust
SaddlePrologo Dimension Nack NDR, 143mm width, carbon rails
SeatpostHollowGram 60 KNØT Carbon, 330mm
Rear DerailleurShimano Ultegra Di2 11 Speed
CrankShimano Ultegra 165mm
ShiftersShimano Ultegra 11 Speed
CassetteShimano Ultegra, 11-42, 11 speed
ChainShimano Ultegra 11 Speed
RimsHollowGram 64 SL KNØT, Carbon, 20h front, 24h rear, 64mm deep, 21mm IW, tubeless ready
Front HubHollowGram KNØT, sealed bearing 12×100 centerlock
Rear HubHollowGram KNØT, 12×142 centerlock w/ DT Swiss 240 internals
TiresVittoria Rubino Pro Speed, 700 x 25c
Disk RotorsShimano Ultegra 160mm

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