A buyers Guide to Mudguards

Plastic Universal Guards

One of the most common mudguards yet one of the cheapest.

A universal guard simply attaches to your bike either using its own structure or by a set of cable ties. The main benefit of this type of guard is how easy they are to install.

A popular option for mountain bikers is the RRP ProGuard as its light, sleek and there are options that mount directly to forks and rear seat stays to give you maximum protection on muddy trails!

The Ass Saver pictured on the right is suitable for pretty much all types of bikes and provides a stress-free clean way of getting some relief from the constant road spray.


  • Easy to fit and remove.
  • Light and compact, perfect to  carry just in case.


  • The lower area of coverage
  • Less integrated than other styles on the market

Clip-on Guards

Clip-ons are probably the most recognisable style of guard on the market most common with mountain bikers and commuters, as they offer an easy, affordable and sturdy way of keeping you dry and dirt free. The guards are really easy to install and are compatible with bikes that have do not have fixed mudguard eyelets on the frame or fork. They usually attach using strong rubber straps that wrap around the frames stays and fork blades.

Clip on guards are really convenient, especially if you want to install/remove at speed,  however, they do not offer the same level of protection as a full mudguard and can need to be adjusted more frequently if they get knocked.

Our most popular clip-on road mudguard is the SKS Raceblade Pro as it’s compatible with most road bikes on the market. The Crud Race Guard is worth checking out if you are looking for a quick and easy solution for a mountain/hybrid bike.


  • Easy to fit
  • Compatible with both rim and disc brake frames
  • Robust construction


  • Can require adjustment if they get knocked
  • Don’t offer the same level of protection as a full guard

Bolt-On Guards

The most effective mudguard on the market are fixed guards, as they attach directly to the frame and fork using traditional nuts and bolts and provide. Fixed guards come in lots of different sizes and shape profiles to accommodate different tyre sizes and frame clearances.

SKS are renounced for their fixed mudguards and they have been manufacturing them since 1921! We stock a wide range of SKS guards in-store including options that have integrated reflectors and light mounts. Our favourite full guard is the SKS Bluemel (pictured below) it’s available in silver, gloss black and matt black. You can even equip your mudguard with a slurry flap to reduce the spray when riding in a group.


  • Offers full protection
  • Clean sturdy look
  • A wider range of options, colours, and features
  • Fit and forget solution


  • Time-consuming to fit.
  • Not all models are compatible with all bike frames so check before you buy!

If you are unsure on what mudguards would be suitable for your bike, please pop in-store and our team will happily help you find the best solution. We also offer a mudguard fitting service in all of our stores.

We hope to see you soon and happy riding!