Staycations, Your Ultimate Guide to a wheely good holiday

The Holidays are getting closer and closer and it’s going to be a different summer this year. Stay cations are in, what’s on your doorstep or the other side of the country? As cyclists we love to explore, and we love to discover new places as well as introduce others to the sport we love.

Sometimes however this can be quite the challenge as the world of cycling can be such a minefield of technology and information. This is why we have made this blog, here we’ll look at the essentials you need to make your summer of riding a success!

In this edition we are going to look at the very basics you need to get out and explore. Ride protection, Child Transport, Cycle Racks and last but not least where to go.

That’s not it though! At the bottom of this blog, you’ll notice three buttons, Quick Spin, Prep Ride and Adventure the Beyond where we’ll guide you on tips and tricks for each type of ride as well as our staff’s top product picks to give your trip the upper hand. So come along for the ride as its going to be one cracking summer.


Whether it’s a short ride to the park a weekend of segment chasing or the next bike park lap, there’s one thing that’s essential to any cycling journey. But what protection do you need? Well, it’s your lucky day because we have put forward our top picks of protective gear for your next ride out, whether is a short trip away or a weeklong adventure, this brief guide should have you covered.


The number one piece of protection we recommend for kids always starts with a helmet, one of our favourites is the Bell Side-track that comes in two sizes, Child and Youth so you can find the best fit for your little one. An alternative helmet is the Bontrager Tyro which just like the bell comes in a range of colours as well as a Child and Youth sizing.

The second piece of protection we would recommend for kids is a pair of gloves. We have all been there, you come off your bike and the first thing you put out to break your fall is your hands, so keep your little one’s hands protected with a pair of gloves. Our recommendation is the Endura Kids Hummvee Plus Mits or the Endura Hummvee Gloves.


For anyone wanting a short ride down the canal or to take your bike away with the family for the weekend we would again say a minimum would be a quality helmet. We have hand-picked our two favourite helmets just for this purpose. Firstly, the Bell Trace Mips offers great style, price and comfort in two sizes, a universal and a XL universal so that we can accommodate for all, The Trace also comes in a women’s variant with a different size range and colour options. The second recommendation from our teams is the Giro Register Mips again with a large range of colours and a women’s specific Giro Versona Mips there’s one for all.



When speaking to our road teams we firstly thought that a helmet was one of the only main pieces of protection that they would recommend however there where a few essentials that they thought they took for granted such as Gloves and Glasses to protect your hands and eyes.

Our top recommendations for road kit start with the Kask Mojito 3 or the Giro Agilis, two great helmet options with a full size range and colour options so you can match your kit or your bike!

For gloves the options where easy, either the Endura Xtract Mitt II or the Assos Summer Gloves S7, Not only do gloves help sore hands, but they are also really beneficial if you come off and you have to put a hand now. Finally for glasses, again an optional but we know there’s no worse feeling than flying down a hill and riding through a swarm of fly’s, so keep those eyes protected with a pair of cycling glasses, our top pick was a pair of Tifosi Aethon glasses which have great coverage to keep your eyes protected as well as firm gripping arms, so they never fall off even on the cobbles.

One of the more injury prone sides of cycling we recommend a bit more protection than your average ride, firstly with helmets our top picks have to be the Giro Fixture mips as it’s a great budget option yet has the looks and fit of a higher end helmet or the Giro Source Mips for extreme protection and comfort.

Secondly, we would 100% recommend gloves, which ones you ask? Well say no more! The Endura Hummvee Gloves offer amazing protection and comfort at an amazing price. Another main piece of protection that we would recommend is body armour such as knee or elbow pads. We love the Endura MT500 knee pads as they are nice and flexible all the while offering great protection.


Child Seats and Racks

Where to begin, the world of kids transport on the bike can be an absolute minefield, rear carry front carry??? Where do you start? We’ll start by taking a look at our favourite child carriers.

Hamax Child Seat

The Hamax child seat range is a perfect solution for anyone looking for a rear or rack mounted child seat. These child seats are fully adjustable to suit your child and come in a range of shapes and sizes so that you can be sure your child is safe throughout the whole ride.



Equipped with quick release fittings the Hamax seats make it super easy to turn your daily driver into the perfect family transport machine, without the need for hours of faffing and complex tools.

Suitable for children from 9 months old and up to 22Kg the Hamax range of child seats have got you covered for every budget and child.

Hamax Child Trailer

Sometimes it can be quite the challenge getting the kids out especially if you have multiple children and you’re on your own or if you have a child with additional needs where it’s just not doable to get them on a child’s seat. Well why should they not be able to experience the thrill of getting out and about on the bike like everyone else.


The Hamax range of trailers allows you to take up to two children weighing up to 40Kg allowing you to take your kids out onto the open roads and country paths with ease and safety.

Ride Shotgun Child Seat

If you want to take your little one out to hit the trails then the shotgun may just be the thing for you, this little seat from Shotgun attaches onto your top tube allowing for a place for your little one to sit down and enjoy the ride. Equipped with the clip-on handlebars too this offers one of the most interactive riding experiences you can have with your child.

The Shotgun uses a secure bolt on clamp which attaches to your top tube, don’t worry its safe for carbon too. The rubber covers on all clamping surfaces also leave your frame scratch free and ensure the seat stays in place no matter the ride.

Suitable for children from 2-5 years old so they can shred the trails


Ride Shotgun Tow Rope

Imagine this, your child is capable of shredding the trails but is just finding it a bit difficult to climb those hills, what’s the answer? Introducing the tow rope by Shotgun where you can be the shuttle and give your little ones a helping hand, or if your friends are moaning at the next hill its suitable for big kids too!

Car racks

A lot of the time some of our greatest cycling adventures start a little further away from home, whether it’s a day out at your local trail centre or week away where the bike is a must. There are three main ways of transporting your bike on your car and were going to look at our favourite from each category. The three ways you can transport your bike are on your roof, on a towbar and attached to the rear of your boot.


Boot Mounted

Our top pick for boot mounted carriers is the versatile and somewhat universal Saris Bones 2. This flexible little rack is affordable and makes a trip away with the bikes a breeze. Let’s take a look at some of the positives and negatives of the Bones 2

Roof Mounted

Flexibility is key and the roof mounted Thule Pro Ride system has gone to be one of the best cycling accessories for adventures and holiday makers alike. The Thule roof system is great for anyone who wants a semi-permanent setup on their roof to transport your bikes and equipment.

Tow Bar Mounted

The number one recommended rack for transporting E-Bikes, we recommend the Tule Velospace X2/X3 depending on your required number of bikes. If you already have a tow bar or are planning on having one fitted this can be a great sturdy option for transporting your bike.

Route Planning

Well, you’re all loaded up and ready to go, but where, where do you go? Well, we have the answer for that too, some of the best resources can be found at your local cycling clubs, these clubs know a number of routes and would be even more than happy to have you ride with them, so why not tag along and you might just make some friends, and if you’re popping by why not pop in store where our local teams will be able to offer some advice on their favourite spots.

Ride Preperation

An hour, day or whole week, what kind of ride are you going on and what are you taking with you to make sure you don’t get caught out. If you liked this Blog and found it helpful you might just like to read on through our Short Ride, Day Ride and Adventure guides where we take you through our top picks for taking your next adventure by storm and you can be prepared whether it’s a flat tyre or more.