Protection, we think about ourselves as riders all the time, shoes, coats, pads and helmets to name a few. These are all ways to protect ourselves as riders. But what about your bike? What’s there to protect your pride enjoy? Unfortunately, out of the box not a lot! Maybe a downtube protector and a slight piece of rubber on the chain stay.


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The best protection is the one that you don’t see or feel until you need it! InvisiFRAME does just that. The original custom frame protection company boasts some extremely impressive protection kits for most bikes on the market, and if they don’t have a custom kit for your bike, they have a range of universal kits that can be modified for your needs.

Founded in 2011 InvisiFRAME can rightly lay claim to being one of the original custom bike frame protection companies.

Having grown over the years they are rightly proud of their industry connections and the work they do with the likes of Hope Technology, RockShox, Orange Bikes as well as their every growing network of bike shops across the globe, their journey is one which is on the up.

Using automotive grade XPEL film, protection is painstakingly designed out to fit the main contact points of the major bike brands premium offers.

This is done on the actual frame, no short cuts, no sizing up or down, one design for every frame and size.With over 40,000 individual kits and decal options on-site available for immediate dispatch, they can rightly lay claim to being the market leader in custom-cut bike frame protection.

The product is designed to be a real DIY option but is also available through their ever-increasing distribution network of local bike shops across the globe, making sure, you have options.Keep an eye out for the InvisiFRAME sticker on bikes from your local trail to the worlds stage, because that’s the only obvious sign that InvisiFRAME is protecting yet another person’s pride and joy. After all, the film is clear for a reason, it’s how frame protection is meant to look

So, what’s the big deal why is InvisiFRAME better than any old protection kit on the market? First off, their kits are millimetre perfect.

InvisiFRAME have designed kits for 40,000 frame size and finish combinations meaning maximum coverage for maximum protection!InvisiFRAME Kits don’t yellow, so unlike cheap heli-tape or partial kits, there won’t be any discoloration no matter your riding conditions.

Protecting your frame ensures when you finally come to replace your bike, the resale value for your frame will be significantly higher than if it has been chipped or worn.

Finally, InvisiFRAME kits are self-healing, light scratches and scuffs can magically disappear with a little heat.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Ever been browsing bikes and thought I love that bike, but it would look better with a little bit extra? How about a different coloured logo, fork or shock decals?

 Well, InvisiFRAME have got you covered there too with a range of graphics for forks, shocks and frames, from safe to obscene they can get you the design that sets your bike apart from the rest.

Get in touch today to find out how we can customise and protect your bike for the future and beyond.