Home Security With Hiplok

The topic of bike security might not fill you with excitement and we are fairly sure it’s not going to improve your riding performance directly, however someday it may mean you still have a bike to ride! 

Bike thefts in the UK are on the rise and we were shocked to learn in a recent study that 53% of all bike thefts occur at home and most worryingly most bikes are left unlocked in garages and sheds. Most of you would not dream of leaving your bikes unlocked when unattended when you are out and about, so why would you leave your bike unlocked at home?

When we ask our customers in-store about home security, often the response is ‘there’s nothing to lock my bike up to’ or ‘it’s a real faff to keep locking and unlocking when I want use my bike’.

Whilst we can understand these responses to a point it is important, we all do our bit to prevent crime and keep our prize possession safe. The aim of this blog post is to shine a spotlight on one of newest brands to our stores HIPLOK and showcase their range of home security solutions.

HIPLOK have been designing and manufacturing bicycle locks since 2011, and their aim is simple, to design locks that provide class leading protection whilst staying stylish and functional

Home Security Hurdels

Let us start with one of the first problems you may encounter when storing and securing your bike in your home. SPACE! We all know that space is at a premium especially if you live in a flat or shared house, so that’s why HIPLOK has developed the JAW storage solution.
With the JAW you have the flexibility of storing your bike vertically which drastically reduces your bikes footprint. The JAW is a simple wheel-clampthat lets you roll your bike onto its rear wheel and push your front wheel into the jaws until they clamp shut. Your bike then neatly stowed in an upright position clearing up some floor space for more bikes. Cough cough we mean more space for other household items!

Now onto securing your bike. There are several ways to do this however we would always recommend securing your bike to an immovable object preferably a wall or floor anchor. Hiplok have developed a neat and stylish solution called the ANKR which can be mounted onto a wall or floor. The wide opening through the ANKR makes threading through a chain or shackle a piece of cake.

A perfect partner to the ANKR is the HOMIE Chain lock, featuring a key padlock so there is no need to remember any combinations or fiddle around with the barrels. The 10mm thick hardened chain is enough to stop most bike thieves in their tracks. When not in use the HOMIE Chain can be stored neatly on the wall with the hook that’s supplied with it.

Finally, for the person who wants the most elegant solution without compromising security HIPLOK have created the AIRLOK. The AIRLOK is a bike storage solution and lock all rolled into one, it features a hardened steel chassis that is encapsulated by a clean and neat plastic shell. The rubberised opening allows you to hang your bike by the top tube and lock it into place with a retaining pin. The AIRLOK has an insurance approved Sold Secure Gold rating so not only will it look super stylish on your living room wall, but it will also provide the ultimate protection from light fingers.

We hope you found this guide useful, however if you would like more information on how best to secure your bike please pop into our stores and our team will be happy to help.