The Future of Electric Travel – E Scooters

In a world where people are trying to spend less time in the car and less time on public transport, the idea of more eco-friendly travel has flooded the market whether that’s commuting by bike, walking and now the addition of E-Scooters.

Whilst E-Scooters are currently only legal to ride on private land, there are a number of pilot schemes running across the country to test their suitability alongside other road users.

So let’s talk about E-Scooters, what are they? and  Why are they a good idea?

An E-Scooter is a throttle controlled electric powered scooter they would be great for getting around town as well as the use as a recreational vehicle to explore your local area. These Scooters range in power as well as battery size so there’s a scooter to suit everyone’s needs. Whether it’s a quick commute or an afternoon activity.

Why are they a good idea? Well an E-Scooter can do many things, it could reduce traffic in inner city areas, reducing commuting time as well as pollution levels. Overall it can save you money too for those shorter journeys to the shops can be substituted with a scooter instead of the car and that short bus journey into town can be replaced with a scooter as well, meaning the small trips hear and there are then better for the environment as well as the little extras in your pocket from saving on that morning commute.

So all this talk about E-Scooters is exciting but what are the current laws on E-Scooters.Currently it is Illegal to ride an E-Scooter anywhere that isn’t on private land with the landowners permission. So what does this mean for the fate of E-Scooters in the UK. Currently there are a range of pilot schemes that are being carried out in the UK in locations such as York, Bristol and Coventry. These pilot schemes so far are proving to be extremely successful allowing for easier eco friendly travel around towns and cities, with the correct guidance and implementation we are feeling positive about their success to aid in inner city transport as well as to decrease emissions in highly populated areas.