All Rise, a term usually used to announce the arrival of a special person, this time used to announce the arrival of a significantly special bike. The newest addition to our e-Bike range in-store is the Orbea Rise, a revolutionary piece of tech that has captivated the imaginations of our team in-store. Where to go? What hill to climb?

So what’s so special about the Rise…… I mean just look at it! – With its sleek frame design with an integrated battery and doesn’t just stop with the looks either, this lightweight e-Bike comes in sub 17kg, and has an unmatched ride feel on the trails, planted yet lightweight enough to throw round corners and launch through the air.

The Orbea Rise allows riders to experience the wind in their sails climbing those hills yet have a featherweight bike on the descents that’s planted yet playful. Orbea claims that the Rise is more physically demanding of the rider when compared to other systems however we would be inclined to disagree. Ultimately Mountain biking is as physical as the rider makes it and this bike is no exception.

When looking at the battery, the Rise comes with an ultra-light and discrete 360Wh battery mounted inside the downtube, this doesn’t sound a lot however when you compare the weight efficiency of the Rise to a standard high powered eBike then you’d be comparing the rise with a 540Wh battery in a high powered E-Bike to be on a level playing field. It doesn’t stop there either, Orbea offer a 252Wh range extender which would take the overall power capacity to 612Wh, allowing you to turn a ride into an adventure.

Looking at the mechanics of the bike itself, the fun doesn’t stop with the motor, this bike really means business and not just as an eBike, this 140mm travel trail bike is a hard hitting breed of trail bike, designed for efficiency and stability while being able to tackle some of the ruggedest trails. Matched with big trail bike components like the Fox 36 and XT Brakes.

All of these features matched with the power delivery from the all new Shimano EP8 RS motor put this bike into a league of its own, perfect for the rider who’s looking for assistance but wants to leave the weight penalty behind.

The Rise is available in 4 off the peg configurations starting at £5399 for the M20, going all the way up to the super bling M-LTD at £8899. Like a lot if the Orbea range you can personalise the spec and colour through the MYO platform.

The Rise

Discover the Rise for you
£ 5399
  • Rise M20 - £5399.00
  • Rise M10 - £6799.00
  • Rise M Team - £7999.00
  • Rise M Team LTD - £8999.00